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Wellness and Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Wellness is Being at One with Yourself and the World

The steps to Health and Wellness have never been so easy or so much fun! No need to go to beauty salons and exclusive spa retreats. Wellness can be found right in your own backyard and it can be fun, entertaining, and... relaxing. Spas bring wellness to your home where you can enjoy it at the time that is most convenient for you, and help to prevent illness, relieve harmful stress, and help you to live in a healthy way. A Spa can add years to your life by strengthening your heart and reducing your stress, allowing you to enjoy life and take time for those people that matter most.

Improve Every-Day Life with Hot Water

Make your life easier with Hot Water Therapy. You really can reduce swelling, manage pain, heal faster, sleep better and feel happier. After exercising, immersion in hot water reduces soreness by 40% according to Men's Health Magazine.

Immersing your body in a hot tub actually decreases swelling by the pressure that the water exerts on our bodies. You can improve your joint health and relieve pain as water immersion lessens the impact of gravity on those painful joints. We feel lighter in water and that feeling can be very liberating and relaxing. When recovery exercise is combined with water, patients experience an increased range of motion and decreased levels of pain.

Start enjoying the wellness benefits of hot water therapy in your very own Spa. Your Spa will also help you to sleep at night. A hot tub can solve some of the causes of insomnia like stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. A scientific study showed that people who immerse themselves in warm water before bed, as you can easily do in your hot tub, fall asleep more easily.

Take advantage of sleeping more soundly by taking time for yourself in the only spa with massaging JetPaks.

Healthy living, including exercise and soaking in your spa, improves the strength of your heart. Our heart stretches when immersed in water just as it does during exercise. The pressure of the water helps push blood toward the chest cavity and increases blood flow by about 33%. Arteries and veins dilate (expand) to carry more blood. Besides strengthening your heart, this increase in blood flow helps you recover faster from muscle fatigue or injury. Take care of your most important muscle with hot water in your Bullfrog Spa. (We DO recommend that you consult a physician before using a spa if you have heart trouble.)

If you have any questions, please contact us here or call 413-583-7777.

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